NOM's Genesis Metrics

NOM Genesis Token Metrics

The Onomy Network mainnet genesis date was November 29, 2022. The genesis supply was 100M NOM, distributed as such:
  • 45% in on-chain Treasury managed by DAO
  • 20% Ecosystem to support further decentralization of the ecosystem
  • 20% to Early Backers and Partners
  • 15% Team and Advisory
Backer, team, and advisor tokens are locked and vested for 24–36 months linearly each month, with a 12 month cliff. DAO treasury tokens are only usable following successful DAO governance votes, with the system programmatically funding proposals when approved, with no central key management by any Onomy contributor.
The NOM supply will increase from inflationary rewards and bridges from the bonding curve.
Track current supply and network stats via Onomy Network Explorers BigDipper by Forbole: Mintscan by Cosmostation: