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Onomy Protocol is driving the future of the Internet Financial System (IFS). As one of only two provider chains in the Interchain Ecosystem, Onomy acts as a Hub that leverages the power of Interchain Security (ICS) to enable swift launch of new consumer appchains in Onomy's ecosystem. This expansion builds on an infrastructure that is capable of sub-second block times, instant finality, and minimal transaction costs with CometBFT. Moreover, Onomy's DAO Treasury actively supports the ecosystem with grants that fuel both developer innovation and community growth. From Real World Assets (RWAs) and the $6.6T Forex market to NFTs and SocialFi - Onomy's ICS Hub empowers developers to quickly launch high performance, interoperable consumer appchains.

Onomy launched interchain security to become a shared security hub. This means that new apps can launch a consumer chain secured by Onomy's validator set, rather than needing to bootstrap validators or operate infrastructure needs themselves. Rewards from consumer chains is split to the parent Onomy chain, providing rewards to NOM stakers in all downstream consumer chain tokens. As consumer appchains grow from ecosystem growth, so too will the number of tokens and rewards.



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