Consumer Chain Nodes

Validators of The Onomy Network must operate nodes for consumer chains. Instructions to download the binary and launch the node are typically found on the consumer chain GitHub repos. The instructions to assemble and launch the consumer chains is detailed below:

StepWhen?What do you need to do?What is happening?



Join the Onomy mainnet onomy-mainnet-1 as a full node and sync to the tip of the chain (if not already done)

Validator machines getting caught up on existing chain history


Consumer Addition proposal on provider chain

[PROVIDER] Vote for the consumer-addition proposal

The proposals provide new details for the launch


The proposals passed


The proposals passed, spawn_time is set. After spawn_time is reached, the ccv.json file containing ccv state will be provided from the provider chain.


spawn_time reached

The genesis-with-ccv.json file will be provided. Replace the old genesis.json in the $HOME/.consumer/config directory with the new genesis-with-ccv.json.


Genesis reached

Start your consumer node with the consumer binary

consumer-mainnet-1 chain will start and become a consumer chain


When blocks begin after upgrade height

consumer blocks are now produced by the provider validator set

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