Full Node Instructions

Minimum system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

  • 8 Core CPU (16+ Recommended)

  • 32 GB of RAM (64+ Recommended)

  • 500 GB of SSD (1tb+ NVMe Recommended)

  • 1+ Gbps Network Speeds

Method 1: Single-command Setup

Utilize this single-command setup to operate a full node on the Onomy Network. This may also be used to setup sentry nodes, if desired. NOTE: This method requires username to be set to ubuntu

eval "$(curl "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/onomyprotocol/onomy/scripts/deploy/mainnet/chain/scripts/ubuntu-sentry-node.sh")"
  1. installs required packages

  2. installs onomyd binary

  3. sets up environment, paths, directory tree, etc

  4. installs and sets up cosmovisor, moves onomyd into cosmovisor folder

  5. sets up onomyd as a background systemd service operated via cosmovisor-onomyd.service

  6. Starts and syncs the chain from recent snapshot

  7. allows you to manage the service via sudo systemctl start cosmovisor-onomyd - replace start with stop or restart as needed.

  8. You may view the node log with the command journalctl -f -u onomyd and exit the log mode using ctrl+c.

  9. To quickly view the status of the node with details such as the latest block height it is synced to, or if the node is still catching up, use the command onomyd status 2>&1 | jq

Method 2: From Source

Additional scripts or manual installation documentation are available on the Onomy GitHub repo, where you can find updated seed nodes, SDK versioning, and more. You may also view Onomy in the Cosmos Chain Registry. You are encouraged to join Onomy's social channels to contact and discuss full node and/or validator operations with the community!

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