Become a Validator


Create a Validator

STEP 1: Create or add keys for the validator. Be sure to secure the mnemonic from the output.

onomyd keys add validator

You may also recover keys from a mnemonic:

onomyd keys add --recover validator

Be sure the validator account is funded with the minimum self-delegation of 225K NOM.

STEP 2: Verify balances with the following:

onomyd q bank balances <account address starting with onomy1>

STEP 3: Register your validator node:

onomyd tx staking create-validator \
  --pubkey $(onomyd tendermint show-validator) \
  --moniker "the name of your validator" \
  --details "a description of your validator" \
  --identity "your PGP key (your pfp will be used in apps)" \ # optional
  --website "" \ # optional
  --security-contact "" \ # optional
  --min-self-delegation 225000000000000000000000 \
  --commission-rate "0.05" \
  --commission-max-rate "0.20" \
  --commission-max-change-rate "0.01" \
  --amount 225000000000000000000000anom \
  --from validator \
  --chain-id onomy-mainnet-1 \
  --gas auto \
  --gas-adjustment 1.4 \
  --gas-prices 0anom

anom is the smallest denomination of NOM. The minimum required 225,000 NOM self-delegation amount is written as 225000000000000000000000anom. This contains 18 zeros after 225,000. Update with the correct value you are self-delegating, as well as the other variables. Descriptions:

  • amount : Amount of aNOMs to self delegate. 1 NOM = 10^18 aNOM

  • pubkey : By using the command onomyd tendermint show-validator, the private key will be provided in .onomyd/config/priv_validator_key.json as your validator's signing key. Make sure to backup this file.

  • moniker : Name of the validator

  • website (optional) : Website of the organization/individual running validator

  • identity (optional) : Pgp key generated using UPort or KeyBase

  • commission-rate : Commission rate of the validator

  • commission-max-rate : Maximum commission a validator can charge

  • commission-max-change-rate : Maximum daily increase of a validator commission

  • min-self-delegation : Minimum NOM a validator must keep bonded - this cannot be lower 225,000 NOM. The minimum amount of self delegation for your validator to be active. If you withdraw your self delegation to below this threshold, your validator will be immediately removed from the active set. Your validator will not be slashed, but will stop earning staking rewards.

STEP 4: Check if your validator is operational:

onomyd query staking validator $(onomyd keys show validator --bech val --address) --output json | jq

You have succeeded if the status is BOND_STATUS_BONDED

Welcome to the Onomy Validator Guild!

Migrating servers

When validators are moved ensure that you copy the priv_validator_key.json file into the new node config folder. The mnemonic is not enough. You must copy over priv_validator_key.json

The steps are as follows:

  1. sync node B as a completely new and fresh node

  2. stop node B once complete

  3. stop original node A

  4. delete priv_validator_keys.json on node A (make sure to backup this file or copy its contents into a new local file before deleting)

  5. restart node A

  6. check with onomyd status that the voting power of node A is 0

  7. import priv_validator_keys.json on node B

  8. start node B

  9. confirm voting power is now on node B with onomyd status

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