Joining Onomy
As a rapidly-expanding open source initiative, Onomy Protocol is open to reviewing all types of community contributions, including code, research, and content initiatives.
You are thereby invited to contribute in any means possible to our public GitHub repos, either by improving existing functions, providing feedback, solving bugs, or coding entirely new features.

Becoming an Onomy Core Developer

We understand that quality work takes time and effort, so for those interested, contributing open source code represents the quickest way to be considered for a full-time position or contractual position.
Our selection process entails having a developer showcase solid open source contributions first. If a team member considers that these contributions provide value to Onomy, they will offer to vouch for your entry into the Onomy core team. If there are no vetoes put forth by other core members, you will be formally interviewed and an official position will be offered.
Prior to submitting code, we recommend asking if anyone else is currently working on that specific task, to avoid duplication.

Our Wants

To be considered for a position at Onomy, you must also:
  • Demonstrate interest in the core technical infrastructure of Onomy Protocol
  • Be a proactive individual who is willing to take initiative for the betterment of Onomy
  • Have an understanding of cryptocurrency/DeFi market mechanics
  • Read our documentation and Medium blog content
  • Hold skills in the key areas we are openly hiring for


We strongly respect whitehat initiatives in DeFi. While we take all necessary precautions to deliver bug-free code, such as using TLA+ to formally define the logic of our software prior to deployment or having our code formally verified and certified by renowned partners, users who discover potential bugs that may affect the integrity of our systems are invited to reach out with the necessary details.
Those who submit bug reports deemed as relevant to the success of the protocol will be eligible to receive bounties paid out by our Treasury.
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