Access Wallet (iOS & Android)

Access: DeFi & NFT Wallet on Web, iOS, and Android.
The Access Wallet was built to address fragmentation across Web3. It is a significant part of Onomy's mission to bring DeFi & Web3 mainstream and intuitively converge Traditional & Decentralized Finance.
A sneak peek of the Access Wallet on iOS.
Enter Access, a beautifully designed non-custodial multi-chain mobile wallet on iOS and Android that integrates prominent blockchains on an intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitating the management of various Web3 actions. Send and receive assets, manage and view your NFTs, earn through staking and lending, and even participate in governance for all integrated blockchains. Say goodbye to browser extension based wallets - simply scan a QR code with your mobile device to connect with dApps!


Onomy's Access Wallet is currently in private preview, deployed on TestFlight for iOS. Access Wallet will also be made available for Android users.


Onomy cannot view, access, or control your wallet in any way because all of your wallet’s information is stored locally on your device and protected by OS provided biometrics. Your recovery phrase, private keys, and even public addresses are unknown to Onomy - giving you full control and privacy. Significant technical achievements have enabled Access Wallet to separate key management from the JS engine. Audits done by NCC Group.