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ONEX EVM Compatible Deployment
Please read ONEX for details on ONEX first, then come back and read about ONEX EVM!


ONEX is a cross-chain DEX written in Go and deployed on ONET as part of the Cosmos Ecosystem in which users can create pools for and trade Asset A from Blockchain Y and Asset B from Blockchain Z, or any two assets from the same blockchain. Pairing with Onomy Access creates a seamless experience, as users only need one wallet to facilitate both same-chain and cross-chain trades.
ONEX EVM is written in Solidity and limited to the EVM chain it is deployed on, with the exception of wrapped tokens representing assets on other chains. A wrapped token is a tokenized version of another cryptocurrency. It’s pegged to the value of the asset it represents and typically can be redeemed for it (unwrapped) at any point. It usually represents an asset that doesn’t natively live on the blockchain that it’s issued on.

When do I use one over the other?

ONEX is the ideal one-stop shop, especially when a user would like to trade native assets cross-chain without needing wrapped tokens. It will be far more efficient than other chains, improving UX and integrating more heavily with the Onomy Ecosystem of products. The future is multi-chain, and ONEX is the ideal choice for users looking to participate in that future seamlessly.
ONEX EVM provides users who are loyal to a particular EVM chain and existing toolsets, or users that simply have substantial liquidity on a particular EVM chain, with a differentiated hybrid orderbook + AMM exchange superior to other DEXs with little to no friction. Users may still leverage Onomy Access (non-custodial multi-chain wallet) for smooth onboarding and managing their assets.

Interested in partnering?

Partners benefit from a bidirectional bridge with the Onomy Ecosystem, and by extension Cosmos and other bridged chains. Additionally, support as part of Onomy Access (Multi-chain Wallet), Onomy DEX deployment to their chain, and access to decentralized stablecoins minted through the Onomy Reserve as they become available.
You can expect to see ONEX EVM on the following chains:
  • NEAR / Aurora
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • Harmony One
  • More TBA
Learn more about partnering with Onomy here.
Additional documentation to come.